Black hole adventure – The emotional intelligence board game

Black hole adventure– The emotional intelligence board game

We live in an age where computer games monopolize our children’s time and attention, and family communication is being pushed into ever smaller corners. This is a game that allows all the family to participate, on equal terms and in which communication skills are developed from the most elemental to the most advanced.
The game arose from the request to explain to my ten-year-old brother the Theory of Relativity and ended up as a negotiating game which uses skills in emotional intelligence.

In this game, the negotiation is always a success and the player in trouble always ends up being saved by the other players. So the players are always motivated to come back to the negotiating table.
The principle that negotiation always yields benefits is applicable to so many aspects of our lives, from talking about household chores to international peace processes. The breakdown of negotiation can be the cause of domestic strife or an international holocaust.

Here, it would mean the end of the game, though in more than a thousand trial runs, every negotiation ended successfully, whether the players were five-year-olds or bank directors.

In fact both a five-year-old and a board of bank managers have had an active participation in the development of the game. I hope you have as much fun as they did.

To sum up, Black hole adventure is a communication activity for the home, for the language classroom, or as a passtime or party diversion.
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