Castellon Conversation Club 2018/19

2018 has been an exceptional year, with the consolidation of the English and French groups and the relaunching of the German group.

2019 has started with a certain amount of interest in an Italian group and a Dutch group.

My own research has revealed the missing factor in language progress through conversation groups. Let me explain.

The grammar-based approaches were debunked years ago, giving way to more natural approaches, especially the communicative approach.

But students typically completed their studies with a lack of confidence in spoken skills.

My Conversation Club largely remedied this giving the opportunity to practise natural language in a natural surrounding. After a few months of practice, students became confident speakers.

Over time, the weaknesses remaining were principally these two:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Ingrained errors

By “accuracy”, I refer to the type of error that will go generally unnoticed in a conversation, because it doesn’t interfere with communication, but which would be unacceptable in a written text.

By “ingrained errors”, I refer to the mistakes that the speakers know are mistakes, but that come into their speech unintentionally, simply because they have repeated them so many times in the past.

I wish to address these two problems with some very specific classes, which will be 30 minute drilling sessions, where students will come with the specific aim of identifying their ingrained errors and drilling with the correct forms.

~ by rjprince on February 9, 2019.

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